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Types of Pollution

Air Pollution
Air pollution occurs when various particles are released into the atmosphere in areas in which they do not naturally occur. Some air pollutants occur naturally, including smoke from fires and volcanic eruptions, while many others arise due to human activities such as industrial manufacturing and transportation, which burn fuel and energy and release tiny but detrimental particles into the air. Using aerosol cans, which contain fluorocarbons, contribute to air pollution by breaking down the ozone layer, a layer of the atmosphere that buffers people from the sun's rays, by releasing their fluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

Air pollution can negatively impact the respiratory system, particularly in children and the elderly, and aggravate any preexisting respiratory conditions in affected individuals. Its effects on human health can be as mild as increasing sensitivity to any airborne allergens, or as severe as causing serious respiratory infections or heart disease. Air pollution can also result in an increase in the falling of acid rain, which causes damage to vegetation and those who rely on rain as a water source.

Environmental Pollution
Environmental pollution affects natural environments into which contaminants have been introduced. This process occurs largely because people produce, consume, and discard an immense volume of materials, many of which travel to natural environments after being disposed of. This waste is deposited into these environments at a much higher rate than it can be broken down or otherwise neutralized, making it an intrusive and often detrimental presence in environments.

In addition to being aesthetically displeasing, the many plastic materials that people discard rather than recycle pose choking hazards to smaller animals that may become tangled in them. Cigarette butts also comprise much of irresponsibly discarded waste, and not only break down very slowly, but release toxic substances into the surrounding environment.

Soil Pollution
The introduction and build-up of foreign, often toxic chemicals in soil comprises the problem of soil pollution. Soil pollution may occur naturally, but is typically caused by human activity such as mining, the use of pesticides and similar chemicals in agriculture, transportation, industrial processes that involve appliances such as furnaces, and chemical dumping. Natural accumulations of compounds and environmental change are responsible for most naturally-effected soil pollution.

Soil pollution can disrupt the growth of plants in affected areas, halting the growth of vegetation. This consequence of soil pollution harms any animals that rely on vegetation found in affected areas as a food source. Soil pollution may also cause erosion, which strips an affected area of its top layer of soil, making the continued life of vegetation and the animals that feed on it difficult. Erosion can also easily spread, making the continued survival and wellbeing of neighbouring ecosystems difficult to maintain.

Noise Pollution
Noise pollution occurs when irritating or harmful levels of noise are produced. Noise pollution is most prevalent in urban areas and is typically a product of industrial activity, transportation such as airplanes or trains, and construction. Noise pollution is problematic because it disrupts human life by being a source of irritation and may pose potential health complications to people.

Noise pollution can negatively affect the quality of human life by preventing people from sleeping, focusing on various activities, or engaging in conversation. To people who are regularly exposed to it, noise pollution can pose health complications in the form of high blood pressure, stress-related illnesses, sleep disorders, or hearing loss. Noise pollution can also have similar detrimental effects on animal health and behaviour.

Gaseous Pollution
The release of harmful gases into the air is known as gaseous pollution. Gaseous pollution is most notably caused by the combustion of fuels, industrial activity, and most means of transportation, but may also be a product of cooking, smoking, or burning other materials. Such activities release dangerous gases such as sulfur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

Gases released by gaseous pollution pose dangers to people and their environment. These gases can cause respiratory problems in and weaken the immune systems of people, as well as less serious ailments such as throat discomfort, chest pains, and burning sensations in the eyes, which can negatively impact the quality of human life. These gases, particularly ozone, can also harm or deteriorate other organic matter, such as trees and other vegetation.

Environmental Gifts